Legacy Construction Northeast specializes in quality custom home building, renovation and remodeling in Westchester, Fairfield and New York City.


Legacy Construction Northeast continually strives to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers while taking into consideration the highest industry standards. We nurture the commitment we make to our clients and pride ourselves on the long-standing relationships that we have created, as the legacy of what we have built together with the client is what energizes our company.

Partners: From Our Family to Yours

Legacy Construction Northeast was founded in 2005 by brothers Chris and Tom Yaroscak and Nicole Riess , together these talented professionals bring more than 80 years of construction experience to the business.

At Legacy, we pride ourselves on producing the kind of superior quality construction that leads to long-term trust and loyalty. We maintain strong relationships with both clients and architects that span as far back as 35 years. Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest-level end product that exceeds expectations all around while still staying true to the agreed upon budget and schedule.

From speculative homes to residential custom construction in Fairfield and Westchester to one- of-a-kind renovations in New York City, we at Legacy strive to bring quality, safety and integrity to every project. Our family-fun firm has been the recipient of multiple HOBI awards, including Best Speculative Home ($5-6 Million Dollars), Best Custom Home Over 12,000 Sq. Ft., Best Custom Remodel ($1-2 Million) and Best Custom Remodel ($2-3 Million).

Christopher T. Yaroscak

With nearly thirty-five years of custom home building experience, Chris brings a surplus of passion and creativity to each project from inception to completion. With an architect for a father and a skilled master carpenter for a grandfather, he knew from an early age that construction and fine home building was the only direction for him. His integrity, honesty and enthusiasm is at the heart of the company, and both the relationships he maintains as well as the respect he inspires within the industry are unique and unparalleled.


Chris holds a B.S in Business Administration from Roger Williams University and a degree in Custom Management from New York University.

Thomas G. Yaroscak

Also raised in the industry, Tom brings nearly twenty-five years of custom home building experience to the team and is known for his patience, leadership and ability to complete some of the most intricately crafted architectural details. With a constant focus on staying current with industry changes and standards, Tom participates regularly in continuing education opportunities. He is passionate and knowledgeable and any project he undertakes becomes a personal journey where the client, architect and builder become one team in creating the best possible outcome.


Tom is a certified LEAD Safe Contractor, a Certified Green Builder through the National Association of Home Builders, and holds a B.S. in Construction Management from Purdue University.

Nicole Riess

With more than fifteen years of project management experience, Nicole has led many of Legacy’s most distinguished projects and is known for her exceptional energy, drive and focus. She commands a great deal of respect within the construction community, from the trade professionals she works with to the architects and designers she collaborates with, and will often suggest “value engineering solutions” in an effort to reduce cost while maintaining design integrity. Like all members of the Legacy team, she maintains strong relationships with clients that span decades.


Nicole holds a B.S. in Urban and Environmental Design from New York University.


National Association of Home Builders

Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Fairfield County

Legacy Construction Northeast is a Lead-Safe Certified Firm