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Interior Design, Winter 2019: Dance-Crazy Clients

Architects Team Up to Create House with a Tango Studio for Dance-Crazy Clients.  “Architect Carol Kurth, whose practice is based in Bedford, New York, received a call from a couple in a nearby town. They had seen her work and wondered if she would be interested in taking on a major renovation of their longtime home. Kurth met with the pair, toured their house, and listened to their long, unusual wish list. Then she offered her best advice.”

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Design and Decor Magazine Cover

Design + Decor, 2019: Ask the Experts

Founders, Brothers and Partners, Chris and Tom Yaroscak of Legacy Construction Northeast in a spectacular Q&A session with D+D Magazine. This article covers the true beauty and art that goes into design, process, trends and planning behind brilliant custom home designs. At the same time, this article uncovers the relationship between these two charming brothers.

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Outdoor Home Magazine Backyard

Outdoor Home: Flow & Easy

Legacy Development Northeast was featured in the Kitchen + Bath special issue of athome. See pages 50-63.  “There was a time when company visiting Barbara Cervasio at her Westchester home had a fairly mundane view as they wound up her drive: a screened-in porch, the back wall of the garage, some unsightly air-conditioning units, and a fairly undistinguished patio…”

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Outdoor Home Magazine Escapes

Outdoor Home: Elegant Outdoor Escapes

Legacy Development Northeast was featured in the Neutral Serenity article of the Spring issue of Outdoor Home. See pages 28-35. “As the sun sets, a subtly dramatic lighting setup showcases the path to a charming rustic stone fire pit that sits along an axis across the yard and dining area…”

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Westchester Home Magazine Featuring Legacy Construction Northeast

WestchesterHome: The Surprise Inside

Legacy Development Northeast was featured in the Fall 2008 issue of Westchester Home.  “You can’t always judge a house by its cover. In Armonk, for instance, there’s a stone and red-cedar house that may look quite similar to its neighboring shingle- style dwellings. But don’t be fooled. Inside is sleek and sparely furnished, with white walls and dark floors, a decidedly modern aesthetic with a loft-like feeling…”

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athome Magazine Cover Spring 2008

athome: A Big Hit

Legacy Development Northeast was featured in the March/April 2008 issue of athome.  “A large kitchen packed with finely tuned details such as pizza and stove ovens makes a Westchester home big on entertaining…”

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athome: Natural Selection

Legacy Development Northeast LLC was featured in athome Kitchen & Bath Special Edition, Natural Selection.  “For many homeowners there is that one piece of furniture that requires special treatment…”

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Legacy Construction to Appear on George to the Rescue

Armonk’s Legacy Construction Northeast was part of the crew that helped with work on a home in an upcoming episode of George to the Rescue. The show will air on WNBC New York Saturday April 30 at 9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., and Sunday May 1 at 12:30 a.m. Watch the full episode below.

George to the Rescue Mobile Feature

Legacy Construction Northeast is Featured on NBC’s George to the Rescue